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Westover/Turn of River/Newfield

Welcome to Westover/Turn of River/Newfield

A Haven of Convenience and Serenity Awaits 

Westover, Turn of River, and Newfield are distinct neighborhoods in Stamford, Connecticut, each with its own unique charm and appeal. Westover is known for its beautiful, upscale homes and spacious lots, providing a sense of suburban luxury just minutes away from downtown Stamford. Its tree-lined streets and peaceful atmosphere make it a sought-after location for families and professionals alike.

Turn of River offers a mix of residential options, including single-family homes and condominiums, and boasts several parks and recreational facilities. The area has a relaxed, community-focused vibe, making it a popular choice for young families.

Newfield, meanwhile, is a diverse and vibrant neighborhood with a range of housing options, from charming vintage homes to new constructions. It's home to several schools, parks, and shopping centers, adding to its convenience and family-friendly atmosphere. All three neighborhoods provide easy access to Stamford's amenities and are just a short commute away from New York City, offering residents a balanced lifestyle that combines suburban tranquility with urban accessibility.

What to Love

  • Near downtown, parks, and transit hubs
  • Easy access to train stations and highways
  • A harmonious blend of convenience and calm

Local Lifestyle

Life in Westover leans towards upscale suburban comfort. Residents here often enjoy the luxury of large, landscaped yards and the privacy of spacious properties. Outdoor family gatherings and backyard barbecues are common during the weekends.

Turn of River offers a diverse lifestyle, accommodating both families and young professionals. The area has a range of residential options, including condominiums, making it accessible for various budgets. Community involvement is notable here, with several parks and recreational centers serving as hubs for local gatherings, sporting events, and children's activities.

Newfield is perhaps the most vibrant of the three, with a lifestyle that accommodates a wide range of interests and ages. It has a high level of community involvement, visible through frequent local events, farmers' markets, and neighborhood garage sales.

All three neighborhoods offer a relatively quick commute to downtown Stamford and even to New York City, allowing for a balanced lifestyle that merges suburban tranquility with urban amenities. Whether upscale living, community engagement, or a vibrant, family-oriented atmosphere, each area provides its own version of Stamford's multifaceted local lifestyle.

Dining and Entertainment

Among the splendid offerings in the area, Trader Joe's stands as a beacon of the best options for food explorers, offering a delightful array of unique and high-quality products. For a dining experience wrapped in warmth and excellence, Table 104 awaits your indulgence. “Like a visit to Tuscany,” Table 104 offers artisanal pizzas, fine wine, and chef-inspired entrees.

Coffee aficionados will find their haven at Modern Love Coffee Roasters, where each cup promises a symphony of flavors and aromas. And if your palate seeks the rustic charm of wood-fired pizzas, Coalhouse Pizza offers a culinary experience that's both delicious and heartwarming.

Things to Do

For the golf enthusiasts, the prestigious Sterling Farms Golf Course and E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course offer an unparalleled experience with meticulously maintained greens and challenging layouts.

Adventure seekers can explore the natural wonders of Mianus River Park, while history buffs will delight in the rich past preserved at Fort Stamford. For family-centric activities and community engagement, the Italian Center of Stamford and Stamford Jewish Community Center provide an array of programs and facilities to enrich the local living experience.

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